Ordered by Judge Hong, District Court, Baltimore, April 11, 2003:

"Defendant shall do or cause to be done all of the actions listed below, inability to pay for any of the required action shall not be an excuse for non-performance.

1. By April 14, 2003 - Post "No Trespassing" & "No Loitering" signs, each sign no smaller than 81/2" by 11" and no larger than 6 square feet, on front and rear of building and in the foyer and lobby of the first floor of 1704 Madison Avenue (the "subject property').

2. By April 16, 2003 - Provide the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) with a complete list of all legal occupants of the subject property, including the first and last names of each adult and each child in each unit, as well as a list of each unoccupied unit; include copies of all leases and a payment history for each occupied unit. All communication with DHCD under this Order is to be in writing to the appropriate department and copied to the Assistant State's Attorney for Central District at DHCD, Suite 202, 417 E. Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21202.

3. By April 21, 2003 - Install individual apartment numbers on each dwelling unit within the subject property.

4. By April 25, 2003 - Install individual locks on each occupied dwelling unit within the subject property, and to keep one key for the building manager and issue one key to one legal resident of each occupied dwelling unit. Keep a written record of to whom the key was issued and the date it was issued.

5. By April 21, 2003 - Repair and/or replace all broken lighting fixtures in the first floor vestibule, first floor hallway, landings and staircases, second floor hallways, landings and staircases, third floor hallways, landings and staircases.

6. By April 21, 2003 - Drain standing water from basement of subject property, and determine source/cause of flooding in basement.

7. By April 28, 2003 complete repair/preventative measures to prevent further water leaking into or otherwise getting into basement of subject property.

8. By April 28, 2003 - Completely clean out all unoccupied units, hallways, landings, staircases and basement; this includes removal of all trash and debris, construction materials, furniture, broken or non-functioning appliances, etc.

9. By April 28, 2003 - Secure all unoccupied units with tamper proof locks.

10. By April 28, 2003 - replace all broken glass in windows front and back of property.

11. By April 28, 2003 - Secure the front of the building by installing a metal safety door with tamper proof locks.

12. By April 25, 2003 - Initiate legal process for vacating entire building, i.e. Issuing first written notification of termination of lease, or other appropriate notification.

13. By April 25, 2003 - Transmit to DHCD the name of private attorney assisting in the legal process for vacating entire building, as well as action plan with specific dates for letters, District Court actions, etc.

14. April 29, 2003, 10:00 a.m. meet with DHCD inspector(s) at the subject property to verify work is being done per schedule.

15. By July 31, 2003 Complete process of vacating entire building.

16. By July 31, 2003 Completely clean out entire structure, this includes removal of all trash and debris, construction materials, furniture, broken or non-functioning appliances, etc.

17. By July 31, 2003 obtain necessary permits and completely secure property, including, but not limited to, securely boarding all doors and windows on first two floors and basement level.

18. Once the subject property is vacant Defendant shall not allow any person to occupy the subject property until all outstanding Violation Notices for that property have been abated, and the property is brought into complete compliance with the Health, Zoning, Building, Fire and Related Codes for Baltimore City.

19. If the Defendant rehabilitates the Subject Property, the Defendant shall comply with all State laws regarding Lead-based Paint. Specifically, the Defendant shall register his property with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), and shall perform a Full Risk Reduction, as defined by MDE, of all lead-based paint hazards prior to allowing any person to re-occupy the property. The Defendant shall provide to DHCD documents proving that the Property is registered with MDE and that a Full Risk Reduction was completed PRIOR to occupation of the Property by anyone other than Defendant. These documents shall be provided to DHCD within 7 (seven) days of occupancy of the Property by any person other than Defendant.

20. By July 31, 2003 Defendant shall transfer ownership of this property to any qualified transferee, a qualified transferee is defined as any person or legal entity that has the ability to complete all necessary repairs of the property within 90 days of taking title to said property. Furthermore, Defendant shall fully cooperate in any legal process to transfer this property to a qualified transferee, including not objecting to or delaying any effort to transfer this property through tax sale foreclosure, and shall timely do all things necessary, including but limited to signing releases, providing documents, and any other action required to effectuate the transfer of this property to a qualified transferee.

21. By April 28, 2003, Defendant shall register all properties owned by C.I.T., Inc and/or Clarence Weston, that contain at least one non-owner occupied unit with DHCD, including, but not limited to 4027 Boarman Avenue, 1354 Stricker Street, 1971 Perlman Place, 323 E. Lanvale Street, and 2536 Harford Road.

22. Effective April 28, 2003, Defendant shall maintain subject property in a clean and sanitary condition, including the front and rear exterior, and Defendant or his agent shall visit the property at least once per week to ensure that the property is clean and secure."

Prepared by:

> Jesse A. Halvorsen
> Assistant State's Attorney
> DHCD Code Enforcement
> Legal Section
> (410) 396-4140